Tea Ceremony is a ceremonial way of preparing and drinking tea that is geared towards the spiritual values. Based on the tea ceremony rituals carried through the centuries, tea ceremony developed as a “transformative practice”, and involves its own aesthetic.

Specifically for the tea-loving souls, Tea Resort has a special spot dedicated just for you. Tea House, with a simple but tidy, peaceful and harmonious design is a perfect place to enjoy tea. Tea House is designed with an open space and plenty of light, right next to a pool area, with the sounds or murmuring water and soft music to mingle with nature and get away from all the noises and worries of the city life.


From the vast green hills of special Oolong Tea, fragrant in the fresh morning dew, come the perfect Oolong Tea products. Tea House is welcoming you with a cup of hot tea, to share with all these cherished ambitions and priceless gifts!


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