Unlike most modern designed rooms… Villa Tea Resort is designed as 15 individual rooms, helping create a private and calm atmosphere. The landscape is designed with many decorative plants, wooden houses and a waterfall, each room has a square of 50m2, designed with bamboo sticks woven together, creating a nice and cozy atmosphere.

Combined with all the necessary equipment, helps to bring the customers the most enjoyable moments of their stay. Villa uses a streamlining set of furniture, that helps create efficiency with the harmonious colors. Each room has a private equipment for mud baths, herbal baths and the other Tea Spa health care services.


Take a break from the crowded and dusty cities, and come enjoy some fresh air at the brand new Tea Resort Villas.
Tea Resort is a perfect choice for families that like a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.


While at TeaResort you will be able to enjoy such things as:
☀ A cool environment, landscape designed with many trees, wooden houses and a gorgeous waterfall.
☀ Each Villa offers individual mud bath and herbal bath services right in the room.
☀ Tea Spa offers a number of health care services.
☀ Besides the mud baths, you have full access to a private swimming pool with a Jacuzzi system.
☀ Enjoy a nice cup of Oolong tea, produced at Bao Loc highlands and prepared carefully for you at the Tea House.
☀ A restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious meals, with both European and Asian menus.
☀ The careful and dedicated staff provides high-quality service and guarantees to satisfy all your needs.


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